Launching One America Houston

One America's work is about bringing people together across divides to act on the issues that matter. In this deeply divided time, we need that work more than ever - both for the hope it delivers for bringing our country together and for the action it generates on issues that impact the lives of Americans... Continue Reading →

One America Voices: Alden Groves

Alden Groves Charlottesville, Virginia Regional Coordinator (Virginia), One America Movement   Q: You grew up in Philadelphia and then went to South Carolina for college. What was that transition like? A: I had no idea what I’d gotten myself into when I stepped out of the car for freshman orientation at Wofford College in Spartanburg,... Continue Reading →

My Year With One America

By Areesa Somani   Last month marked my one-year anniversary with The One America Movement. And reflections on complexity are on my mind. I traveled across Oklahoma, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Charlottesville this past year. I've learned a lot. But above all, I've learned that it's much easier to conceive of your enemy as a caricature... Continue Reading →

Wade In

By Andrew Hanauer   If there’s a word that sums up the solution to the broken, divisive, dysfunctional political moment we live in, it’s “engage.” Everywhere I go in my role at One America, from Evangelical churches to homeless shelters, from the epicenter of our nation’s opioid epidemic to the Friday prayers at a Mosque, I... Continue Reading →

One America Voices: Andrew Hanauer

Andrew Hanauer Washington, D.C. Director, One America Movement   Q: What in your personal life brought you to the work you do as Director of One America? A: I heard Arthur Brooks, the head of the American Enterprise Institute, interviewed on the radio recently and he talked about how he has a mix of liberal and conservative people in... Continue Reading →

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