One America in The Salt Lake Tribune

  I woke up on Saturday on pins and needles. For weeks, I worked closely with leaders from the nonprofit One America Movement and the Jewish and Muslim communities to plan a multifaith dinner to bring members of the community together across racial, religious and political divides — and my anticipation for the event left... Continue Reading →


One America Voices: Denise McKinney

Denise McKinney Tulsa, Oklahoma Worship and Community Pastor, Redeemer Covenant Church 1. You are the Worship and Community Pastor for Redeemer Covenant Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tell us about that.  A: Redeemer has been where I have been in ministry for about 18 of the last 25 years. I started out as the youth pastor to... Continue Reading →

One America Voices: Anna Robinson

Anna Robinson Martinsburg, West Virginia Program Coordinator, One America West Virginia 1. You hail from Martinsburg, West Virginia. Tell us about your hometown. A: There’s so many different things that I can say about Martinsburg as a city. I could talk about the fact that it’s historic, it’s also pretty small compared to most American cities with... Continue Reading →

One America Voices: Samantha Owens

Samantha Owens Washington, D.C. Trainer, Over Zero 1. You work at Over Zero, an organization that works to reduce and prevent identity-based violence. Can you tell us about your role there? A: Happily! I am the Trainer at Over Zero, which entails everything from building partnerships to delivering in-person trainings. As an organization, we focus... Continue Reading →

QAnon, Polarization and the Path Forward

By Andrew Hanauer The Q Anon phenomenon is scary. (To summarize – it’s a conspiracy theory that holds that President Trump is battling “the deep state” (including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Hollywood) which is trying to plot a coup and that the Robert Mueller investigation is actually being engineered by President Trump to secretly investigate... Continue Reading →

One America Voices: Melissa Balaban

Melissa Balaban Los Angeles, California Executive Director, Ikar 1. You are the co-founder and Executive Director of Ikar. Tell us about that. A: When I was part of founding IKAR in 2004, our goal was to help reclaim the vitality and relevance of Jewish religious practice and reimagine the contours of what a Jewish community could look like. ... Continue Reading →

Utah’s First Iftar Shabbat

“The only reason I didn’t call the media,” the Rabbi told me as we stood at the back of the synagogue, waiting for the first ever Iftar at a synagogue in Utah state history. “Is that I was afraid they’d cover the event but nobody would show up.” They showed up. They showed up and... Continue Reading →

One America Voices: Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper Washington, D.C. Director of National Security Outreach at Human Rights First, and Founder of Veterans for American Ideals In addition to his work on national security and refugee issues, Scott is the board chair of the One America Movement. We are grateful for his leadership.  1. You are the Director of National Security Outreach and the... Continue Reading →

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