On the Occasion of Violence in our Country

One America is heartbroken about the violence in our country, and about the hate, isolation and racism that pervade our society.

Like many of you, we offer our thoughts and prayers, and at the same time, we call on Americans to act affirmatively to reverse course. We need action – meaningful, substantive steps to address racism and violence and to confront the dangerous rhetoric that fuels attacks like these.

Science, research and the experiences of numerous other countries teach us that extremist violence is fueled in part by growing divisions in society – and that this violence can then further deepen those divisions. Our work is not about bridging divides between terrorists and the rest of us. Our work is about making sure that this country we love doesn’t fracture to the point of no return – an outcome that would only increase the violence we’re seeing now.

In the days and weeks to come, we will have much more to say about the root causes of hate and violence and about what we all can do to take meaningful action together.

Stay tuned.

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