One America Voices Interview: Heena Haiderali

The One America Movement is excited to launch a new initiative called One America Voices. Once a week, we will publish short interviews with Americans from all walks of life. By hearing each other’s stories, we can begin to reduce the divisiveness and polarization in our society. Enjoy – share with your networks and on social media using the hashtag: #1AmericaVoices

Heena Haiderali

Washington, D.C.

Program Associate: One America Movement

1. You’ve moved around a lot. Tell us about your favorite city you’ve lived in so far:

A: I’ve moved around quite a bit, from the sunshine in Miami to the snowy city of Rochester, NY. Though I’ve experienced a plethora of different cities, my favorite city I’ve lived in thus far is Chicago, IL. Despite its harsh winters, Chicago is a great city filled with amazing cuisine that has honestly spoiled my taste buds. Once I explored past the touristy locations of deep dish pizza and other foods, I experienced the real flavor of Chicago. The food makes the city delicious and the winters somewhat bearable.

2. You studied religion in school, tell us about that:

A: I’ve always been fascinated by religion, particularly its devotion. It’s amazing and admiring to see someone speak of their faith with such passion and love. Religion can be and is such a powerful force in the world today, something I think many people don’t realize. Religion connects many things, including communities, people, texts, etc. And through the pursuit of religious tolerance, we will see a more tolerant and welcoming society, a society where we can help one another through taking steps to solve the nation’s problems together. What better way to begin a working relationship than to respect one’s beliefs?

3. What is an issue that plagues our country today?

A: One of the central problems we face as a country today is we do not know how to communicate with one another. This situation has been building up for quite some time and the election exposed it. With awkward feelings, fear, and ignorance, the divides between communities are becoming larger without any way to bridge the gap. This is why One America’s work is vital, providing a safe space for dialogue and community engagement (while giving back, it’s genius!).

To learn more about the One America Movement, Click Here. 

To invest in our work to fight back against polarization, division and hate, Click Here. 


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