One America Voices: Sobia Ijaz

The One America Movement is excited to launch a new initiative called One America Voices. Twice a week, we will publish short interviews with Americans from all walks of life. By hearing each other’s stories, we can begin to reduce the divisiveness and polarization in our society. Enjoy – share with your networks and on social media using the hashtag: #1AmericaVoices

Sobia Ijaz

Northern Virginia

Currently a Stay at Home Mom, Board Member: Jubilee USA

1. You have two small kids. How’s that going? Are you sleeping?

A: I have two little girls, 4 and 1 years old. They are hands down two of the biggest blessings I have. When I had my eldest  daughter Safiyah, I used to view children as a burden which led to a very negative approach to parenting. After my own miscarriage and seeing a close family member lose their 2 week old newborn, life taught me a very valuable lesson: parenthood is a blessing that not everyone experiences, and children are truly a gift from God. So despite my kids still occasionally driving me crazy with erratic sleep schedules and the random temper-tantrum, I still step away from the whole situation and think about how it’s only a few years of this “fun” before these little monsters are off to being independent beings and then my house will be quite, and the sound of their cute giggles and laughter and constant questions will be missed.

2. Tell us about the faith community you are part of.

A: I am very proud to be part of the Adams Community in Northern Virginia. My husband and I actually moved from Maryland to Northern Virgnia a few years ago to be part of the Adams Community because we had heard amazing things about it. It is a very vibrant, diverse group of Muslims. The recent loss of Nabra, a beautiful soul that was part of our community, and the way the Adams community has dealt with it has made me realize how lucky I am to be part of this community. I can say without a doubt that Adams is one of a kind when it comes to Muslim communities in United States. The amount of initiatives that are driven by Adams are incredibly amazing. There is so much going on for so many groups of people and no one better to lead it than Imam Magid. He is such a wise and incredible human being. I had always admired him but when I sat listening to him address the community during Nabra’s funeral I realized truly what a gem of a human being he is. May God bless him and his family.

3. You serve on the board of an anti-poverty organization and have worked in the private sector as well. Tell us about your career and/or your career aspirations.

A: I worked for a fortune 500 company right out of college and like many new college graduates I thought I was going to change the world, yet I ended up at a desk doing work for a big company that gave me little sense of fulfillment. Soon after college I was also blessed to be asked to join the board of Jubilee USA, an incredible organization that does amazing work. The sense of fulfillment and excitement that came from my volunteer work at Jubilee by far exceeded any joy I got from working  50+ hours a week in corporate life.  After I had my first daughter I took a year off, and when I went back to work it took me a few months to realize that my  heart wasn’t in it. I would much rather raise my children then sit at a desk for corporate America.

I still serve on the board of Jubilee USA and find my heart in the non-profit world. I feel that the non-profit world gives me the “save the world” feeling that I once had. I’m currently taking a break from a full time position but I very much see myself diving head first into the non-profit world to make my impact on the world in a few years. I think sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.

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